Saturday, 19 June 2010

First Post

We've got here! The first hurdle to overcome in the art of blog writing was thinking of a blog title. Easy though this task may sound, we managed to discuss the subject at great length and turn it into quite a dilemna.
During a google chat discussion we came up with names such as:
  • 'No planes, some trains and a cargo ship'
  • 'We'd be there already if we'd gone by plane'- no jokes and it would be cheaper too...but definitely not as exciting!
  • 'Will they ever get off the ground?'
  • 'A trip that wont get off the ground'
  • 'The ground's the limit'- a homage to our local horticultural show, where almost every year there is a photography category called 'The Sky's the Limit', which always sends members' of the community rummaging through their photo albums for the 'Red Arrows'.
  • 'Not a flying start (or finish)'
  • 'Grounded'
  • 'No planes, but sailing'- probably would work if we weren't just planning on sitting in a freighter
Mum threw a few suggestions into the mix. These included 'Whose turn to fill up the petrol?' and 'Whose going to phone Hamish?', along with 'Clear up the floor first'. She is always full of good ideas. Perhaps she wasn't taking the task as seriously as she ought to have been.

After the visit to the nurse to get our jabs I came up with 'No flies on us (& hopefully no mosquitoes too)'. Jenny, trying to make the most of her zoological know-how came up with 'Diptera(ing) will not feature'. This I believe would be lost on most people.

As a last ditch attempt to come up with something inspirational I came up with 'Oi, jet off our train' and 'No planes here, oh dear'. Those books by John Burningham and Rod Campbell had a lasting impact on me.

For a family that took a month to name our puppy, with extensive lists of names, shortlists, rankings and finally a vote (which we ignored), this is nothing!

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  1. I like "We'd be there already if we'd gone by plane' as that's my thoughts on this whole adventure as jenny knows! but as you so rightly put it, it wouldn't be as fun slash crazy!!