Fiona by Jenny

Fiona studied Environmental Science, and it's down to her that we're not taking the plane to Canada, and home again. She figures out which places are worth seeing and how long we need to stay, often that involves a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. She is enthusiastic about pretty buildings, small islands and National Parks. She will drag me to see cultural things, which I'll moan about but they'll be alright really.

She'll also be taking most of the photos that appear on the blog, I'll just be carrying the equipment. Along with being the photographer she's chief blogger. She has the knack for writing (which is why she's telling me what to write about at the moment), my blog posts would be full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

She'll worry about missing trains or buses and will be checking the tickets over and over again, so much so that she won't sleep. If either of us is going to be ill it'll be Fiona (now I've said that I'm tempting fate), she is also sure that she is tastier than most being a very strict vegetarian so has to take extra care around mosquitoes and ticks.