Jenny by Fiona

My sister Jenny studied Zoology, but thinks she knows exactly what she wants to do instead. She wants to be a script supervisor, which I'm led to believe is someone who makes sure people in films are drinking their tea in the same hand in different takes. There's a lot more to it though. She's also the reason why we're going to Canada, since there is quite the film industry in Vancouver.

Jenny is the chief planner behind this trip. She's the one who knows how to find websites which teach you how to buy Russian train tickets (I'll take this back, when we're not let on the train), find the important stuff about visas, work out all the timetables and compile our spreadsheets. She's strong and hopefully I'll get away with lumbering her with all the heavy stuff. I'm also handing her all technical duties and practical responsibilities, she's better at that than me. We're both good at spotting animals through train windows, but I'm sure she'll be the one that sees all the exciting things after I've dropped off. I've realised she walks quite quickly through cities and has a tendency to mumble so I have to ask her what she's saying all the time. She likes me to do all the talking when we arrive at Youth Hostels, but I know she'll do the talking anyway.