Sunday, 26 September 2010

Some European observations

For the first part of our journey there were some clear trends going on. Every city had its own chocolate factory, Berlin – Ritter Sport, Warsaw – Wedel, Riga - Laima and Tallinn – Kalev. One of them had a pretty good blueberry, marshmallow and chocolate bar. Mika was also doing a concert in every city and he was hot on our heels. There were posters everywhere and looking back we should have started taking photos of them in every city, but we didn’t know he’d be following us. We thought we’d shake him off in Russia, but he was going to sing in St. Petersburg. Thinking we’d definitely have shaken him off by Moscow we found posters there too. But he didn’t make it as far as Irkutsk!

As we got into the Baltics and Russia we found that people like to walk around with music surrounding them. They carry their music with them but don’t bother with headphones, even in the National Parks they’d walk around with their music blaring out. Travelling on the bus and train through Europe (and then Russia) you realise that there are still a lot of trees left in the world. Seeing all these trees is very satisfying, although you try not to think about how many have already been chopped down.

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