Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Zhangjiajie City (4th and 5th of September)

Catching the bus from the station into the city was no easy feat. We couldn’t find the bus and the Chinese just wanted us to get into a taxi. The guidebooks had misguided us and you actually need to walk across the road, through a paved park area to the stop outside the gondola. We later found out that we got on the wrong side and it’s much quicker if you go on the one that goes to the right. It was a hot and long ride into the city. Someone on the bus spoke English, but they weren’t convinced that there was a hostel above the supermarket where we were headed.

Fortunately the Zhongtian International Hostel did exist and one of the ladies working there could even string some English words together. We made plans for our adventure into Wulingyuan after buying a map of the park for 5RMB. It has place names in English and Chinese and routes of the paths. It’s not entirely accurate though and you can probably get a better one inside. On the first day we would walk from the park entrance to the youth hostel inside the park, on the second perhaps visit the caves and other parts of the park and on the third day walk back out again. But before all that we were going to have a day off, lounge around and do nothing.

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