Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Friends this is natural oxygen bar (7th September 2010)

Our second day in Wulingyuan was spent mostly within the clouds. We took the free shuttle bus to the end of the road to lookout points without lookout. Once again we found ourselves as the main tourist attraction and when we bumped into the German couple again they shared their novel idea of perhaps paying a trip through China by getting people to pay to have their photograph taken with you. There were loads of people everywhere poking their umberellas all over the place and snapping our pictures. Now and then some cloud would clear and we would see more of the spectacular pinnacles of Wulingyuan. There were lots of stalls with people selling food and above all knick-knacks. Fresh from the field opposite came sweetcorn, which we couldn't resist, as well as some delicious mini kiwis.

Deciding to head for a walk down a rice filled valley, we took the bus to a spot which was rather deserted, but for a donkey and a few stallholders. As we walked down a small road we discovered a man pushing a rather long snake out of the road. Unfortunately we couldn't find the footpath, only a derelict looking place where all the buses were kept and bus drivers seemed to live. Instead we decided to take the bus a bit further on, walking down hundreds of steps to a small village and then up narrow steps on the other side to lookouts, pickled snake, suspension bridges and a sign reading 'Friends, this is natural oxygen bar'.

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