Thursday, 1 September 2011

Back in Vancouver

Right now I'm staying with Jenny back in Vancouver, writing emails, sorting out my visa extension, planning where to venture on Vancouver Island, dreaming of other places to travel to, trying to work through the immense pile of stuff we've accumulated through our travels, hoping to go for a walk, trying to work out where we can get a freighter from (there seems to be one that goes from Halifax, so if they don't let us back in the States it wont be a problem!) and allowing myself the odd moment to relax.

And I'm trying to put off going down into the city to buy new shoes (the hole in my shoes is now far too big to be acceptable), cash my tax return check and do some food shopping. There are people being busy everywhere, so many more than in the winter. I can't help thinking that the people of Vancouver go into some kind of hibernation in winter and as soon as the sun shines they fill the streets. After spending the last months in very isolated places it's going to take a while longer for me to enter into that noise and commotion.

I'm also getting excited about my next stop- Good Nature Farms in Coombs, near the city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, where I'll be picking blueberries for the next three weeks. And after that maybe to an orchard on Denman Island or an earth house building society on Hornby Island...

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