Friday, 9 July 2010

Farewell to England

This trip has officially started. We have finally left the shores of England on the Norfolkline ferry from Dover to Dunkirk. The sea is calm and if the Pacific is anything like this we'll be in for a treat. We were meant to be leaving yesterday, but this really wouldn't be a Wood family holiday if all had gone to plan. Yesterday we had waited for the post to arrive, which would have brought the last few travel essentials, but nothing worthwhile came. I suspect this might have something to do with all the nettles and bramles that have grown up around our letterbox. Had the right post arrived we would have set out after it came. So instead we went out and bought them in a shop, walked the dog along a canal, relaxed and finally tidied up the house in a bit of a frenzy. My mum's friend (Pam the Jam) who came to visit us on what was meant to be our last day in England pointed out that most people plan to go away and then they go away. Things don't tend to work like that in our household though.

We are enroute to Holland with our mum where we will probably be sleeping in a greenhouse if it's not too hot, taking our great aunt to the 'openluchtmuseum'- an outdoor museum with lots of old Dutch houses, seeing the 'Wild Wonders of Europe' exhibition in Den Haag- so I can stand next to the picture of the muskox and Jenny can see some of the photos up close that she has been cataloguing during the past year, and possibly going to see Mary Poppins in Dutch if Jenny gets her way. The real trip starts on Monday, if the trains are still running after the world cup madness. Ironically we'll be catching the first train from Schiphol airport.

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  1. Hey peeps. Glad you finally set off (in true wood style!)I'm back from Roma which was awesome but now have the flu which sucks but i did get to see alot of old stuff with jesus and latin on them. I also got to watch supernatural and bro and sis in italian which was highly amusing. I miss you already jenny as my computer has gone weird again, any tips to rectify this madness? You've prob read the comics this week but incase you haven't obv red robin is a must and i liked red hood and the new batman odyssey as dick is in it as a kid. I felt sorry for damian as tim is not as trusting as dick, his little face :-(
    Anyway sorry for boring you fiona if you're reading this but there will be more to come. Try to have fun without me, haha! from emily your first official follower