Sunday, 20 November 2011

Goodbye to the blueberry farm (and this time it is goodbye!)

I've visited the blueberry farm in three seasons now, this time it's definitely been winter. It was snowing as we both got off the Tofino Bus in Coombs and the snow was lying around the red blues. We started off taking Polly for a walk (and managed not to lose her!), threw some toys and snowballs (she was quite intrigued) for her, cut the blueberry bushes free from their remaining strings transported a few wheelbarrows of wood from the barn to the porch and then as Joanne put it got started on the serious work. Aided (or a bit slowed) by Lyra and Elena we made two lemon cakes and two chocolate cakes, unfortunately there wasn't time to bake Santa Clausu some more cookies which he had made a special request for. Around the dinner table Joanne, Richard, Ashlee and Luke gave us some Oregon and California travel tips.

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