Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day 5 (25/01/2012)

Last night we watched Mamma Mia, found hidden between all the largest ships of the world and Mare TV documentaries in the recreation room. I was then quite unwilling to go to sleep at 8.00p.m., when Jenny decided it was time for lights out, this may possibly have been due to the one too many pieces of chocolate I had decided to consume earlier or that it was only 8 o’clock (6 o’clock two days ago!). I lay awake for hours with the ship rocking quite a bit, but not overly so.

In the post breakfast ping pong session it was evident that I was sleep deprived, receiving quite a thrashing from Jenny (or that's the excuse I like to go by). Apparently she never really tries though. She doesn’t like playing ping pong and as soon as we finish a game she’s over at the shelf putting her bat away before I can even blink. Sometimes I do not understand her at all. But I’m very grateful she is here putting up with my not flying notion and accompanying me on this ship. For breakfast Jenny had had the eggs and cucumber, I had just bread. Bread, we were told last time is good for the seasick stomach, although the waves weren’t really high enough to need it.

In the cabin Jenny devoured some of the making of Harry Potter book that we had to go out of our way to buy in Charleston, while I tried to sort some things out on my computer and do some blog catching up. For lunch we had minestrone soup, a potato with sauerkraut, which Jenny had to smother with ketchup and a pear for dessert. The big storm is already hitting England and all the way to Spain, we’ve at least escaped that one. The waves still aren’t too bad, hopefully nothing too awful will materialise behind us. Despite the Swiss lady’s shock at us playing ping pong straight after eating, we went and played anyway. Melanie who was in our cabin when they came across the Atlantic to America used to play ‘squash’ inside the empty swimming pool. Hopefully Jenny won’t get ideas and stop playing ping pong with me. The remainder of our afternoon was spent with me trying to make the beginnings of a felt giraffe, Jenny reading and then both of us going for a walk outside and then to the bridge. On the starboard side we were lucky to not get soaked in the spray. The crew are still working on sanding the rust and painting the holes red. We’re near Newfoundland now and there have been lots of birds flying around the ship.

Our evening meal was lettuce, red cabbage salad and bread, along with a sip of tomato juice. Heinz Peter was absolutely delighted to be eating calemares and had to go to the kitchen to request seconds. A ping pong session followed, then watching of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Despite lying in bed early we had to play some bananagrams to activate and tire our brains a little.

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