Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day 7 (27/01/2012)

We slept well, must once again have been the bananagram playing before bed, although possibly it’s just because we’ve got used to this creaking of containers and the rocking motion now. The weather is still like a British summertime, the front of the ship threatens to disappear into fog. It’s hard to tell whether the waves are any higher, it feels like they might be, but with the horizon so close we can’t really tell how much we’re moving from side to side.

I breakfasted on cornflakes and a bit of bread, while Jenny had the eggs again. After breakfast to the ping pong, book reading and bananagram playing. Potato crochettes, vegetables and watermelon were for lunch. We then read, Jenny probably played some game on her computer and then it was time to tackle the task of the week- doing our laundry, between eating ginger cookies, ginger sweets and taking sips of the Piggly Wiggly cola to keep under check the queasiness from the ever increasing waves.

Our afternoon and evening’s excitement was as follows: Down 86 steps to the laundry room, up 44 to the gym, played ping pong, up 42 to our room, read, Jenny played on computer, down 86 steps to transfer washing to drier, up 86 steps to our room, wrote blog, Jenny played on computer, down 86 steps to collect the washing which wasn’t yet dry, back up the 30 steps to the officer’s mess room for dinner of mashed potato, cauliflower and the delicious red cabbage salad, back down the 30 steps to the drier- clothes still not dry, up the 114 steps to the bridge to see some large waves and the pitching of the ship, back down 28 steps to our room, played bananagrams, hung around, went down the 86 steps to the laundry room again and then back up the 86 steps to our room where we can finally retire for the night. That’s a total of 998 steps today. Who says you don’t get any exercise on a cargo ship? Can definitely see why they want your doctor to sign the form saying you are capable of walking up stairs.

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