Thursday, 12 August 2010

Another bus, another country

I originally wrote this blog entry from the ‘Lux Express’ bus from Riga to Tallinn, with the hope of posting via the bus’ Internet connection, but we’re currently in Siberia so that didn’t happen. Our apologies for being behind we are trying to catch up! And the lack of photos, it takes time to pick the best from about 5000!

Everyone had booked tickets next to one another but the computer system didn’t seem to be in sync with the actual numbering in the bus, so our seats were actually in different rows. One of a couple was sitting in one of our seats so we just sat behind them. Two people were waiting at the first bus stop and we feared this would make everyone have to move since there was only one seat at the back and another further forward.

Everyone started moving seats. The lady behind us moved into my seat and I would have had to move into the seat in front, but the man there wouldn’t leave his wife and the lady wouldn’t leave her friends. Because I don’t like a scene, I became the sacrificial Brit and moved forward to the front. The Norweigan lady sitting next to Jenny was confused by our taste in architecture saying ‘you think that’s pretty?’ as Jenny photographed an old house with peeling paint. Apparently the houses are much nicer in Norway, more colourful and with intact paint-work.

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