Thursday, 12 August 2010


Lithuania is the land of white storks, there are loads of them in the fields. Latvia has some too but not quite as many. The Riga hostel, in Riga funnily enough, was big and we were in a small 15 bed room on the 7th floor, right at the very top. There was only a small kitchen, but not many people used it, preferring to go out and eat beefsteak. The old town was small and pretty and quite hard to navigate. Jenny with her map prowess got us lost on occasion, which got me worried a little bit. On day 1 in Riga we decided to take a trip to a Latvian openair museum on the 1 bus. It was a long bus journey that took us into Riga’s outskirts and to the edge of a lake. After paying 2lvl entry and 0.20lvl for a map we set off with great enthusiasm to explore the traditional Latvian houses relocated from different parts of the country. There was a quaint church and a lady in one of the houses weaving baskets. We soon discovered that there is a limit to the number threshing barns and locked bathhouses that you can see before it gets a bit tedious. The bilberrys were tasty though, although I was not allowed to eat many as time was pressing on.

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