Thursday, 12 August 2010

A lazy Tallinn day

The night bus didn’t leave for St.Petersburg till 11.30 p.m., so we had time to waste and little to do. Others evidently had an itinerary and the streets were buzzing with groups of tourists who had come off the cruise ships. Having seen the Estonian knitwear photographs on the Internet before we’d left we had to look at the real thing. There were stalls lined against the town wall where ladies (and one man) displayed their items on tables and up high on hangers. We would have liked to have peruse them all at leisure, but every time we got near one they tried to coax us in to buy something. Jenny ingeniously decided to sling her camera over her shoulder and video the selection so that we could browse in peace. There were yet more stalls in the craft market and an old lady was trying to sell some hand knitted children’s gloves on the street. In the end I opted for a knitted jumper and Jenny a ridiculously big two-in-one hat-scarf with polar bears on it.

At the post office we sent home an accumulation of stuff we didn’t need. The stamps were very pretty with flowers, moose and other animals, but all they gave us for our postcard was a boring blue stamp with an E on it. Maitsev and Tervislik, the vegetarian restaurant I’d got excited about from the long list of cheap dishes on the internet, was a bit of a disappointment since they didn’t really have much to offer. It was very tasty though. In the evening I was dragged to watch ‘Inception’, which Jenny thoroughly enjoyed and I tried to sleep through, but it was so loud it was impossible.

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