Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Baltic Buses

I awoke with a start to find the bus veering over the wake up strips. Years of driving through Europe en route to Switzerland with weary parents has made us finely tuned to this sound. Jenny was awake too and I asked her if the driver wasn’t. This however seemed to be common practice on the roads of the Baltic states. Vehicles would career to the right deep into the hard shoulder, so that others could overtake. At one point on a road with single lanes in both directions there was a lorry overtaking another lorry with us on the other side. Not much room to play with and pretty hairy. It’s best to book seats at the back of one of these buses if you can, because then at least you are more oblivious to what’s going on. In the middle of the night on a road full of potholes we observed another interesting driving practice of driving straddling the middle of the road, and going back to the right side just seconds before we would have hit the oncoming vehicle. Most people had the right idea of sleeping through the night. Jenny spent the night hoping to see a moose and getting first hand experience of dodgy driving, she did see a fox though.

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