Sunday, 26 June 2011

Day 2 (1st October)

I didn’t feel like sleeping at 5.00a.m., but when the alarm clock went off we could both happily have skipped breakfast and had a lie-in. This time I had tomato, cheese and spring onions on toast (x2) and Jenny had some jam on toasted roll, accompanied by apple juice. By the time we made our second visit of the day to the Officer’s Mess room on deck B we’d achieved a lot-watched Shrek, done our washing and stood around on the bow and watched the fish.The ship’s engine had been turned off for some maintenance and we had observed the boat get slower and slower until it was just drifting on the sea. It was really sunny and we saw quite a few large fish with yellow tails and a few fatter ones with different yellow tails, which may have been blue-fin tuna.

Lunch consisted of green lentils, peppers, onions, broccoli and some potatoes with chilli pepper on them. We took our washing upstairs, went back to the stern for a few hours and then lazed, read and wrote until the next meal. Today’s evening meal consisted of a mixture of bean sprouts, celery, cabbage and carrots with green tinged rice. I also opted for a bit of salad.

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