Sunday, 5 June 2011

Shanghai Saturday, 18th of September

We finally had time to go and buy our train tickets from the train ticket office round the corner from the hostel. With everything once more written out on a piece of paper we got to the front only for the man to look on his system and shake his head. We returned to the back of the queue to discuss our options and thumble through the guidebook for some more phrases to try to write down. A bystander offered a little assistance and we managed to get ourselves a ticket, but not a seat. The Chinese evidently were going to be moving around in their droves for this moon festival. It was probably like the mass movements in China I remember having to watch in school geography videos. And thinking about it we realised that the boat to South Korea would probably be full, if it was going at all!

The rest of the day was spent going to a tourist market place, walking down some traditional streets and trying to avoid buying a kite off a man who was very eager to sell us one. For a few pounds we got ourselves one of the plastic stools the professional expo goers take with them to the expo. In the evening we once again sat cursing under the ever growing fuller shining ball in the sky. We did decide that the people from the hostel in Qingdao might be able to book us the tickets for the boat though and sent them a hopeful email.

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