Saturday, 4 June 2011

Dehang Day 2 (13th of September)

From the village we headed up another branch of the river- Jade Spring Stream to what may have been Jidou village, passing first through the rice fields and then through some shady, cool, rainforest. As usual the path was paved all the way and there were loads of steps (about 2000). We saw plenty of lizards, some butterflies and a praying mantis en route. After forcing my dodgy knees upwards we came to a lookout platform and a really beautiful, peaceful village. Rice terraces teeming with frogs surrounded the village, as well as a few patches of maize. Corn cobs, corn kernels and chillies were once again being dried on all the flat spaces, and chickens roamed around the narrow paths. This beautiful village is soon to be ruined though, with the same road building project we'd seen before under way just beside it. Huge bridges had been built across the valley, and just one lorry passing along the road brought much noise to this still and peaceful valley. Things will never be the same for the people in that valley. We're privileged to have seen it before the road was completed.

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