Sunday, 26 June 2011

Day 8 (6th of October)

Getting up at 2.00a.m. tomorrow morning (Korean time) didn’t make life easy, but breakfast was yet another masterpiece- toast with a layer of lettuce, cucumber, boiled egg and spring onions (of course). We’ve had eggs for breakfast every day, apart from one, but each day a different tasty concoction. I’m beginning to forget what it’s like to eat the same boring thing for breakfast every day. How come the chefs at River Cottage can’t make a better breakfast than off the shelf Granola or sausage in a bap?

Since Max seemed to be getting concerned that we hadn’t been outside lately, especially since the weather was good, we donned the gear and put some other warm clothes in a rucksack and headed for the bow. Max and the other mechanic were banging around at the front, because they’ve got to get everything in order before it’s looked over in Long Beach. Originally they were told that they didn’t have to worry about some of the things on deck, because the ship would be going to a dry dock in January where things could be sorted out. In another NSB money saving effort it’s not going to a dry dock after all, so the mechanics have a lot of work to do.

It started raining after 45 minutes of seeing nothing so deciding there’s no point just standing around in the rain when you’re on holiday we headed back. I had told Jenny that it wasn’t going to rain. My weather predictions are not the best.

Having taken our coats and fleeces off I saw a blow out of the window. Grabbing our gear again we raced down the corridor to look outside. One blow turned into three and we thought we might see them better if we went to the stern again. Stupidly thinking the lift would be faster we waited quite a while for it and realised how slow it was. There was no sign of the whales, but we did see about five dolphins along the port side of the ship. Remaining at the front we saw another four whales before lunch, although they were all quite far away and tended to get lost in the pool of sunshine.

The chief engineer asked if we’d had a good shopping trip as we entered Mahlzeit with the rucksack. My prediction of rice for lunch was also proved wrong, and Jenny’s complete ‘stab in the dark’ that there would be potatoes was proved correct. There were chilli potatoes, cauliflower pieces and French beans with a brown sauce. Mango was for dessert. Interestingly, or probably not to the reader, the chief engineer has nothing against mango and we didn’t get given his.

In the afternoon Jenny tried watching one of the many DVDs that we have been lent. The subtitles had absolutely nothing to do with the film and could well have been some secret code, and the words were completely out of synch with the action. Instead she found a Finnish film about Father Christmas, well it’s nearly Christmas... We then watched some of ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’. I just can’t understand why they go to so much effort to make all these useless films. And people actually pay to go and watch this stuff.

The evening’s meal was spaghetti, tomato sauce, squash and french beans in a coconut sauce, broccoli and grated carrot. No rice, but I have never before encountered such slippery spaghetti. After eating I was coerced into watching one of Jenny’s ‘Smallville’ episodes. To catch up on time lost I attempted to go to sleep early, but couldn’t sleep.

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