Saturday, 27 August 2011

Cathedral Lakes Lodge cont.

My stay at Cathedral Lakes Lodge is coming to a close. I've been here for almost three weeks now making beds, stripping beds, cleaning surfaces, cleaning toilets, cleaning sinks, sweeping floors, mopping floors, hoovering floors, sorting washing, washing dishes and baking a few muffins, along with various other volunteers from France, Canada, Argentina, Holland and England. We're meant to work five hours a day with a day off every twenty hours. That for most of us has however has not really been the reality. Lucille and Florian from France have been acting as bakers in the kitchen and working up to thirteen hours a day.

Most days I try to go on a hike around the area although I often have to fight off the tiredness. Alternatively I go and pika watch or just up from our cabin is where they dump the food waste on the ground and the marmots, chipmunks, ground squirrels, ravens and other beasts gather.

I've been hiking on most of the trails, apart from up to Lakeview Mountain where you can view all of the lakes of the park. I've hiked up to the rim a few times where you can see for hundreds of miles and all the way to Mount Baker in the States (you can see it from Grouse Mountain too). And now I've been to all the lakes- Goat Lake, Glacier Lake, Lake of the Woods, Pyramid Lake and Quiniscoe Lake (that's right outside the lodge!).

Along with the other volunteers I've been having campfires, playing pictionary (when we didn't get told off by the lodge's owner for making too much noise...), reading the national geographic, gazing for shooting stars, canoeing, full moon canoeing and playing the piano. There are many canoes outside the lodge and we can just go paddling when we feel like it.

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