Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cathedral Provincial Park

Today I arrived at Cathedral Lakes Lodge in the similarly named provincial park where I'll be helpxing (helpx.net) out for the next three weeks. It prides itself on being the highest full service lodge in Canada. After an early morning horseride I was dropped off in Keremeos to be picked up, along with two other volunteers (from France) and taken up to the lodge. It was about half an hours drive to the 'base camp' where we then switched vehichles, loaded up with a few tourists and headed up the steep and bumpy road for an hour. The truck reminded me of Churchill and the road of Russia.

The lodge finds itself on the edge of a lake (funnily enough) and there are lots of cabins scattered around the area. I took a walk around the lake and have already taken far too many photos. Apparently the bears don't come this far up the mountain (because the blueberry plants don't produce fruit), but there are plenty of other animals. The most common being mosquitoes, sadly. Deer also seem to be common, or very clever, since the fawns and some does sit around outside my cabin where there is a fire to heat the resort's hot water. As I was raking up outside there was a chipmunk eating my rakings and diving into the compost bucket.

There are also many beautiful flowers such as paintbrush, tufted saxifrage, lupine, arnica, purple aster, many I am yet to identify and the shooting star, which is very rare.

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