Thursday, 18 August 2011


Today I was 50cm from a pika, the camera wasn't ready but it's a memory I'll try and treasure forever. I've always wanted to see a pika after I saw them a few years ago- stuffed in the museum in Yosemite. They're little lagomorphs that collect up grass and make hay out of it. Yesterday I saw a few from a distance running around on rocks and today I heard their alarm calls and went to look for them. There were some frolicking around on the rocks and then I spotted some vegetation stuffed under a rock drying. I went to investigate and then I looked to my left and there was a pika right next to me with some vegetation hanging out of its mouth. Just like you see in photos. It stuffed its vegetation onto the hay pile and then made an extremely loud call.

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  1. John, Susanne and me have been studying the life and decline of Picas on You Tube and Wikipedia. Oma always used to say, that what you had learnt and memories nobody could take away from you.

    mum duck