Thursday, 7 July 2011

Churchill, Manitoba (end of April)

Churchill, Manitoba is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and it took me three days and three nights of no-flight travel to get here. Leaving aboard the greyhound from Vancouver at 6.30a.m. on the 27th I arrived in Churchill just before 10a.m. on Saturday the 30th April. It was a long trip, but I survived the Greyhound without getting beheaded and even found the prairies quite beautiful in the morning sunshine.

I was greeted at the station by Heidi the assistant director of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre and Valerie, another volunteer, also from England. After a quick drive around to see the limited sights of the icy Churchill we breakfasted in Gypsy's Bakery -'the place to be in Churchill', one of the few cafes in the town. We were then driven out to the remote field studies centre along the coastal road, with the frozen Hudson Bay to our left. After being shown where things were, we were left to spend the rest of the weekend in solitary confinement.

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