Monday, 25 July 2011


At some stage in the proceedings a haiku obsession emerged from the depths of the northern studies centre. I think it began with team godwit writing haikus on the researcher's chalk board, this spread in a wave to Vanya and then to the lowly volunteers in the kitchen.

Inspirations for the researchers' haikus often came from the great outdoors and ours from the small indoors.

Many a researcher's haiku related to peanut butter, a substance to which northern science is truly indebted. One haiku was written about the Churchill tour company's slogan 'Our wilderness will touch you', which has been of amusement to the researchers for many a year.

Other haikus related to birds, mosquitoes, Hope's song terrorism, a certain stash of out of date orange juice and day to day life.

In celebration of washing our last dishes we published on the kitchen white board: 'Just washed my last dish, Cream of carroty cake crumbs, With joy, It was joy'. In response to this and our final haiku: 'Came, lingered and left, Much akin to drywall dust, Unremarkables' came the following:

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