Monday, 18 July 2011

Subarctic lettuce glut

A mistake had been made and four times the lettuce that was meant to have been ordered arrived at the CNSC. Valerie and myself had 24 romaine lettuces to eat between the two of us. The last thing you expect in the subarctic is a lettuce glut!

It became our challenge to find something to do with all these lettuces aside from just plain salad, so we brainstormed, we googled and we phoned a friend. We even got a bit inventive.

We cooked up some mighty fine lettuce soup, only it was not too appetising looking because we couldn't locate the blender.

We had mashed potato with fried lettuce and onion, a variant of the Dutch dish Stamppot.

We had stir fry with lettuce.

We had some mango, orange, lettuce and lemon juice salad. And then stir fry with the lettuce with mango-orange-lettuce salad.

And finally we had lettuce lasagne. What must Robert have thought when he arrived, opened the fridge and found that staring at him?

Once we'd cooked all the dishes we could think of with lettuce we photographed them and Valerie photographed me photographing them. And while we were using all the lettuces up we'd learnt to count how many lettuces there were left and write it on the board in French, Italian and Spanish.

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