Monday, 4 July 2011

Los Angeles (11th October)

In the morning the internet connection was moderately better but still sporadic. Dad wondered how it felt to be in America and have a speedy internet connection. Little did he know that this was the worse connection since we left the 'excellent' connection at home. Making any plans for the day via the net was rendered impossible, so we headed to the farmer’s market mentioned on the what to see today in LA notice board at the hostel. Turned out the farmer’s market is on Sundays and not Mondays. Hollywood Boulevard was the same old shambles I remembered it to be. Loads of tacky shops that I can’t imagine anyone visits. We then had a mission to find somewhere to print our train ticket and other documents off the internet. In ‘Office depot’ we could check our emails and get what we needed printed, although there were a few problems with changing the paper size.

We spent some time in a thrift store trying to buy some clothes, because we really don’t have many intact ones with us. Next door was some supposedly cheapo supermarket, where there were no prices on the products and the total might as well have been picked out of a hat. Walking through a residential area we came across a film studio and lots of trucks for the TV series ‘Dexter’, which I've never heard of. Hollywood is a funny place, one second you’re walking through a nice tree lined street with pretty houses and well kept gardens and the next you’re back into the grubbiness again. Back at the hostel we ate and got frustrated at the Internet. That was it for LA sightseeing, but there’s really not a lot worth seeing there anyway in my opinion.

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