Friday, 8 July 2011

Churchill Northern Studies Centre

My time in Churchill has been at times monotonous, yet brilliant and full of stark changes, people coming and going, changes in work, in accommodations and particularly in the natural world. As usual I'm pretty far behind on my blog, made some headway, but I'm going to be dropping behind again. At least I'm still in the subarctic, but only just. I leave on Saturday (9th July).

The field studies centre is 23km from Churchill and home to researchers, staff members, us volunteers and when they are here visiting groups (school kids, scouts, birders, Manitoba orchids etc.). When we got here there was no-one living in the facility apart from Valerie and myself. The chef Robert from Newfoundland arrived on the 12th of May, the researchers and some summer staff started drifting in around the 16th, Robert's wife Rosalind in June and then the first of the tour groups.

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