Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Seattle (14th & 15th October)

Seattle, when we did finally get there, we discovered was a very nice city and pretty walkable for North America. There is a free bus service in the downtown area, which I definitely approve of, although of course people are apt to drive to the edge of this area and then get the bus. Well we walked along the seafront, into an area where seals are known to be found, wandered around outdoor shops looking for warm coats (we have no warm clothes with us), visited Pike Place market (because it seems that's what you have to do when in Seattle), looked out over the islands and the port, went to the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park (which finds itself in a building in downtown Seattle...), bought chocolates for sailors and delivered them to the port (the Hanjin Yantian is due in a few days).

We took the Greyhound from Seattle to Vancouver. At the border we had to get out along with all our luggage and the foreigners were shunted into a room to wait their turn. It took quite a while since the American man in front of us had been arrested a few times. The Canadians wouldn't let him in and he had to be escorted back to the US immigration offices by armed individuals to wait for the bus going back to Seattle.

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