Monday, 25 July 2011


Churchill's mosquitoes are notorious. After a good storm they began to appear in large numbers. I ended up giving quite a bit of blood just going outside to take a few photos in the nice light and my ankles swelled up with red blotches. I coped pretty badly with the mosquitoes to be honest. Wearing a bug net would help, but then I couldn't see through it. Either way there was a risk of getting eaten alive and I wasn't sure which I preferred- polar bear or mosquito.

The researchers had to start wearing their bug nets and even raincoats and gloves in the warming temperatures of summer. I really admire them for their ability to carry on with their research as normal while surrounded by swarms of mosquitoes. Valerie really went to town with her outfits.

Feeling nostalgic and wondering why I was leaving the place I went outside for a walk with Madi, Hannah and Amy on my final evening at the studies centre. It wasn't long before I came back in flummoxed, with bites galore and fed-up with the mosquitoes. At least it was a good reminder that were will be some things I wont miss.

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