Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Just kidding..

We soon came to realise that the fellow inmates of the Northern Studies Centre did not always understand our native English wit and we were even accused of bickering like a married couple. Once Valerie even managed to cause offence to Matt the laddie, because of a sarcasm misunderstanding. Only after working a few days with Patsy (housekeeping) did we come to realise that in these parts of the world one has to say 'just kiddin'' after one jokes. It seems that any joke has to be underlined lest the meaning be misconstrued. Valerie and I cannot however stoop to such a level. Luckily though, as our sentence (just kidding) in the subarctic progressed, we became a little more understood (or so we thought).

Here's a photo of Chistina Neepin housekeeping, her sister Patsy, Valerie and myself. Valerie said we had to pull serious faces. Not sure if Valerie or Patsy know how that's done.

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