Monday, 25 July 2011

Personality Types

In her volunteering Kelly was brilliantly efficient, rushing around and organising things. This she informed us could be attributed to her type A personality. Her remarkableness could only highlight our unremarkability.

Convinced that we had to be type Z personalities our intrigue led us to the Jung and Briggs Myers personality test, which classes all of humankind into 16 personality types. I would like to think we are all pretty unique and that it's not at all possible to classify everyone, but I gave the test a try all the same. I came out as an INFJ, or a perceiver. Sarah who started as a volunteer a week before we left is also an INFJ. We belong to the rarest of personality types sharing our traits with only 1-2 percent of the world's population. Valerie came out as an ISFP, or an artist. I was actually rather amazed by the personality test, because it summed up a great deal of my traits. Although I'm not convinced about the career suggestion of joining the clergy... I got pretty obsessed with looking into the personality types at one point, only to discover that this personality type gets rather carried away with minutiae and likes to look into personality types. And mother I can't help doing everything slowly, it's my personality type...

More on personality types at as well as hundreds of other websites... The test itself can be found at And wikipedia has some good info. on the INFJ

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